2 Slyde Dep gigs

Up to 2009, I was in a Slade  and Glam rock tribute called, Slyde.

Early August, lead singer Thatch called me and asked if I could fill in for 2 dates, 30th August and 7th September

I was honoured to be asked and agreed.

First gig was near Ringwood as support to The Glitter Band. As it turned out I knew the guitarist who is also in Les McKewans Bay City Rollers.

On this gig, the drummer, Phil, kindly let me use his kit. This helped as space on stage was tight.

The 2nd gig was for Hithcox out door cider festival.

We were due to go on stage at 10pm till midnight.

As always these events over run, so we took to the stage at 10.20pm till 12.15am and it was one of the coldest gigs I have ever done.

Fair play to the crowd for staying till the end!

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