Boy George Interview

On December 17th at 5pm, Kyle Michael contacted Sam and myself asking if we were free to go to London the following day for a secret Boy George interview.

We were and at 11am on 18th December, we were sat on a train with Kyle heading to London and a tv studio.

The Build interviews were done in a temporary studio and the 18th was their last day. They started early December and had interviews 4 stars every day. The week before, Adam Lambert had been interviewed.

The studio holds 35 invited only guests and you get to see 2 interviews. Our first interview was the male actor in the ITV programme, Torville & Dean. He was also in Game of Thrones and very entertaining. These interviews go out on the internet live. There is then a 15 minute gap before the next interview.

This was the interview we came for, Boy George. What a personality he is. Very entertaining and informative and certainly does not care about what he says, but after being in the industry as long as he has, you fully understand why he doesn't care.

The interview lasted 25 minutes, before he was whisked away. You could tell he wasn't impressed with that as he wanted to meet us all. He had a quick selfie with the audience, apologised and left.

The studio had 2 sofas and a table with fresh mince pies on. During the first interview, the interviewer commented how nice they were and when the interview finished, they took a couple and again told us they were great.

As everyone was leaving, Kyle, Sam and myself jumped onto the set and had pics with us interviewing each other. We then grabbed a mince pie each and left.

We can confirm the mince pies were great!

We then went to a pub across the road and spent £17 on 3 drinks, before going to Carnaby Street to once more visit the Queen pop up shop.


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