Getting the old band back together 20 years later...

Another good friend, Ian Rose turns 60 this year and decided at his party he wanted the old band back together.

Sadly our singer Gareth now lives in mexico (He got jealous after seeing pics on FB, so is thinking of coming over for it)

Ians birthday bash is on September 8th, but he wanted a few rehearsals before. Due to everyones commitments we got a few dates in July, and August.

The set is all rock and will see us on stage for over 2hrs!

The line up is:

Ian Rose- Guitar, vocals

Andy George- lead guitar, vocals

Colin Willis- bass, vocals

Me- drums, vocals

The band went through a few changes. When myself and Gareth were in the band it was called Fever.

Then Gareth left, Ian came in and it was called Close Contact. then I left...

That first practice proved we all still had it and the chemistry just flowed. Cant wait till the next practice.

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