Real Magic

As an avid Queen & Roger Taylor fan, I have been lucky enough to have depped on the west end version of We Will Rock You. So playing Queen songs is second nature.

In March I was contacted by Mick Mason, the bass player from Queen tribute, Real Magic, asking if I could dep for them for a gig in Leeds on April 27th . Of course I agreed.

The band capture the essence of Queen from their Wembley '86 days.

I arrived in Leeds very early and several days before made sure my kit was ready. You will remember in February I took delivery of concert toms from Liberty drums. These were replicas of Rogers current kit, so it made sense that I would use this kit.

Now after having a drum tech for 9 years, I realised the full kit would not fit in my car on the morning of the show! and I accidentally left both my tom stands at home.

I only realised this at 4.20pm in Leeds. Thankfully I have a drummer friend, Lee Marsden, who lives in Rotherham and he lent me his tom stand for the night.

It meant instead of the standard 3 toms, I had to use just the 10' & 12' similar to how Roger had his set up for the early Queen + Paul Rodgers shows.

The show was a success, with over 300 people going home Rocked!

The band have asked me to dep again in July for a festival date in Ireland.

I have also bought a larger car!

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