Roger Taylor and WWRY

On June 5th, I received a phone call asking if I would like to audition for my favourite musical, We Will Rock You.

It will be touring again later this year, from September till June 2020.

The audition was in London on June 11th and I arrived at 10.30am for a 11.30am audition.

I was originally told that it would be just drums and MD Stuart Morley on piano and that Roger Taylor (my hero) would also be there. When I turned up, I noticed Neil Murray (Black Sabbath, White Snake, Snake charmer, Brian May &WWRY) was there and playing bass. He will be on the tour.

For me, this made life a little easier having Neil who I've played with before, there.

I was met by the agent Sylvia at 11am, telling me Roger was running late but as soon as he arrived, we would get under way.

From the waiting area, I was able to see Roger arrive and go into the studio. It was then the nerves hit!

I was met by Stuart Morley and walked into the studio. I was introduced to Roger and he instantly shock my hand and said 'Scott, how are you? Really looking forward to this"

I then chatted to Neil while setting the studio kit up (I took my own Liberty snare and bass drum pedal) Roger commented on my snare and talked a little about The Searchers.

We then launched into Seven Seas Of Rhye (I was really nervous during this one) i managed to calm down for Somebody To Love and One Vision. So much so, that when we finished, Roger asked Stuart if we had played to a click. Stuart informed him we hadn't and it was all live.

As I packed up my equipment, We all chatted some more and Roger commented that I had a great left hand, so much power!

I found out 2 days later that it was close, between me and 2 others, but it had gone to someone who had a lot more West End and musical experience.

I wasn't as upset as I thought I might be. I had played in front of my hero, I had not embarrassed myself and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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