Studio session. March 2019

On Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th March, I finally went into the studio with very long time friend, Elliott Frisby.

Elliott now runs a music company who work for PEEL Cruises and he organises their onboard shows.

I was asked in January if I could help with a Queen show they were putting together. Of course I said yes.

Finally in late February a date in March was agreed. I was playing Redditch on Sunday 24th and High Wycombe on 27th, so it was agreed those 2 days in a studio in Buckingham.

2 days recording show songs. The first day was Queen songs and 2nd day was for a show called Elementum. This show revolves around Earth, Fire, Water and songs included, Phil Collins, In the air tonight, Take That, Relight my fire, Duran Duran, This is planet Earth etc.

So if you have a PEEL cruise and see a Queen or Elementum show, its me on drums!


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