The Sensational 60s Experience. The Trems

At very short notice I was asked by Joe from The Trems if I could dep for them on a few shows.

Their drummer Phil would be taking some time out to look after his wife. She needed an operation and someone to look after her while she recovered.

The Trems are currently on the Sensational 60s Experience tour and luckily are only on stage for 20 mins.

At the same time, Joe was also off the tour, as he too had just had a little operation and the band had Chris Savage (MUD 2) deputising on keyboards.

Headlining the show is Mike Pender!

Obviously I agreed and on Thursday 17th October, I travelled with the band to York for my first show with them. I was ready for playing the hits with a new band and playing a venue I had played many times with The Searchers, but I was not ready for the reception I got when Jeff introduced me.

This continued for the other 2 shows I did with The Trems (Weston Super-Mare and Llandudno) and I would like to thank everyone who cheered for me and spoke to me at the meet and greets after.

I was already booked on another show, so could not do any more shows after Llandudno.

On the tour I did meet Mike Pender. He knew exactly who I was and we chatted for ages in Weston. I asked if we could have a picture together. He laughed and said 'that will upset a lot of people" "Brilliant, lets do it" I replied.

He asked how Frank and John were and I must admit, he was a very friendly person.

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