Trecco Bay

On Thursday 24th till Saturday 26th October, I was once again filling in for Pedro at Trecco Bay, Wales.

The 3 night stay saw me doing 5 band sets and 1 trooper show. The show was called Regal and has 9, 8-12 minute medleys, all to click/track.

The medleys paid homage too, Queen, Madonna, David Bowie, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Prince, Elvis, Michael Jackson and.... Queen ('We Will Rock You' show medley)

I was given the medleys early October and I decided there was no way I would remember them all, so charted them all out.

I really enjoyed my 3 days at Trecco and what was officially the last week of the season and my 3rd time filling in this year.

The guitarist Richard is leaving the band after this contract and 3 years at Trecco bay to look at new ventures.

I wish him all the best!


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