I hope everyone of you is well.

Hopefully it looks like the UK is slowly coming out of the lockdown and life can start to to find a new normal.

I still feel live music and theatre shows are still a long way away from starting up just yet.

I can't believe the UK government still have not looked to bail out the UK music/theatre industry. The self employed scheme was a god send, but the next instalment is not till August! Luckily I have managed to pick up a lot of studio work and long may that continue. The Rock With The Ott clothing range has also helped. I am currently working with a local designer to make a rockier logo to emblazon the front of t-shirts.

Yesterday (Saturday 13th June) I finished 2 tracks for a solo artist and since lock down, I have recorded drums for over 20 tracks.

If you require drums, get in touch!

Hopefully when the music scene re-starts, we can all meet at a show and enjoy a drink together. Till then, stay safe.


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