Drumming for Mental health and wellbeing

On Saturday, July 3rd, I presented my first drumming for mental health and wellbeing seminar at the the Aylesbury, Mind Body, Spirit, Wellbeing event.


It was a huge success and many people going away happy after realising they did have rhythm and could enjoy playing along in a group or on their own, with just a bucket.


I have been asked to do a few more seminars and you can catch one at:

Thame, Spread Eagle. Sunday 25th July

Taunton, Sports and Social Club. Saturday August 7th

Leighton buzzard cricket Club. Sunday September 9th

Oxford, Jurys Inn. Sunday September 12th

High Wycombe, Wycombe Arts Centre. Sunday September 19th

Aylesbury, Grange School. Saturday September 25th

Berkhampstead Civic Centre. Saturday October 2nd



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Buckets For Bongos was founded by myself to promote the fact drumming, even on a household object like a bucket, can help raise your endorphin level, therefore making you happy.

 Let's face it, lockdown was not much fun and for entertainers.... well we somehow survived.

During this period, I looked into ways to keep entertained and to keep the niggling self doubts at bay.

And it would appear drumming is good at helping you feel good, who knew?

So, a group playing together means everyone has a great time, learns a new skill and hopefully a new friend.

The group sessions so far really have taken on a whole new level, with people who have never played percussion/drums before, suddenly realising, they have got timing and they can play along to a song and everyone leaves with a smile on their fave after initially appearing sceptical about the whole thing.

As one person told me 'So to survive lockdown, all I needed was a bucket to sit in the garden with?' yep, that's it!

Available for all types of events, just call me on 07944577004