Recording drums for a new album

I was asked to put drums down on 4 tracks for a new album by an artist, who I can't name just yet.

So far they have been happy with the recordings, with just 1 more track to finish.

I have been recording the sessions, so hopefully soon, I will edit a mini documentary which I will put on Youtube.

I used my Liberty drums, with mesh heads, and Roland triggers, plugged into a Roland TD30 brain. 

Each drum/cymbal has its own channel is then fed into my Scarlett 18i20 which in turn goes into my Apple Mac

I am currently trialling a new software, PreSonus, Studio 1

So far I have been very impressed with the Studio 1 software and found it a lot easier than ProTools, but with the same results.

As for the recordings, they have come out much better than I hoped. Soon I will set the kit up with real cymbals and Code drum heads and see what sound I get with the real sound of drums.

Also, if anyone needs drums on your tracks, I"m your guy!


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Buckets For Bongos was founded by myself to promote the fact drumming, even on a household object like a bucket, can help raise your endorphin level, therefore making you happy.

 Let's face it, lockdown was not much fun and for entertainers.... well we somehow survived.

During this period, I looked into ways to keep entertained and to keep the niggling self doubts at bay.

And it would appear drumming is good at helping you feel good, who knew?

So, a group playing together means everyone has a great time, learns a new skill and hopefully a new friend.

The group sessions so far really have taken on a whole new level, with people who have never played percussion/drums before, suddenly realising, they have got timing and they can play along to a song and everyone leaves with a smile on their fave after initially appearing sceptical about the whole thing.

As one person told me 'So to survive lockdown, all I needed was a bucket to sit in the garden with?' yep, that's it!

Available for all types of events, just call me on 07944577004