Bella Popera Trio

Bella Popera. 

Performing in exclusive venues across the UK, and with their exponentially growing online presence, the acclaimed pop opera group Bella Popera consists of three young sopranos who are a crossover sensation. They sing classical. They belt rock. They…

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Pocket Gods at the 100 Club, London & new album

The Pocket Gods will again be playing the 100 Club, Oxford St, London on Thursday 29th July.

Doors at 7.30pm and over 18s only

this will see the band launch their 70th album, Tin foil hat Chameleon.

There will be…

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Drumming for Mental health and wellbeing

On Saturday, July 3rd, I presented my first drumming for mental health and wellbeing seminar at the the Aylesbury, Mind Body, Spirit, Wellbeing event.


It was a huge success and many people going away happy after realising they did have…

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Adding drums to backing tracks

I was asked to add drums to some backing tracks.

The singer wanted his tracks to sound like a live band, so had asked several musicians to add their instrument to his tracks.

The first one I recorded was Depeche…

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Christmas orders

The last date to guarantee Christmas delivery is December 15th

merchandise update

As well as my drum sticks, t-shirts and hoodies, I have now added, beanies, cups, wine glasses and beer steins.

Coming soon, face masks and snoods!


With my studio being flooded mid September and losing a lot of equipment, I was still able to record tracks for Tristan Longs latest, musicians in lockdown, song. This time we recorded the Beatles track, Saw her standing there. Vocals…

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New photo book?

Over the years, I took loads of pictures from my time touring with The Searchers.

I have got plans to one day publish a book of these pictures. and stories of my time with the Searchers. I am hoping to…

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New logo and new merchandise

I have revamped the Rock With The OTT logo, so now there are tonnes of Rock With The OTT merchandise you can buy.


Fancy a new T-shirt? Wine glass, Beer stein? it's all there.