The Searchers retire on March 31st 2019.

Because of this, Scott is available for Tours, West End musicals, Dep gigs and sessions.

Scott can be reached by:


Phone: 07944 577004

Scott was totally professional in every respect. Having never played with us before, his drumming was impeccable and he dealt with everything the band threw at him effortlessly! He has a cheerful disposition and was very easy to work with. We very much look forward to working with him again”

Tristan Evans

Scott recently depped for our band and it was a great pleasure to work with him. Punctual, great player and good fun to work with! Thanks Scott!”

Holly Jayne Coulson

Scott Ottaway is a truly inspirational drummer. He has honed his skills over many years and he has accomplished what many professional drummers can only aspire to, and that is to be part of a legendary chart topping band, with several World wide tours under his belt. There can be no doubt what so ever that he is a consummate artiste with an impressive CV”

— Joe Chapman (aka Dozy Powell) Slyde

Just watching Roy Orbison black and White night DVD. Running Scared, brilliant, but in my opinion Spencers version is better, specially with Scott Ottaway drumming. ”

— Sandra Godfrey