2018 tour & fractured wrist

We started back on the road at The Beck on January 6th and John was looking a lot better after his recent health issues.

I had a removable cast on my right wrist after fracturing it late November 2017

I was playing in goal, made a brilliant save, but thought I had sprained my wrist.

I carried on doing the shows, but on December 20th decided to go to the hospital to see if I had done ligament damage.

The doctor checked but decided an X-ray was needed.

After the X-ray he asked me what my money was on, a sprain or break?

I replied sprain. No!! its fractured. a short conversation followed about how I can't have a cast and it was agreed a removable cast would be ok.

I returned to the hospital on 2nd Jan and was told its healing well 

After The Beck, I was in a bit of pain, but we then had 8 days off.

We returned to work on Jan 15th at Hornchurch and the wrist was a lot better.

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