Erics Pride and Prejudice. New Vic Theatre 

In November, Scott was invited to be the drummer for Erics Pride and Prejudice at The New Vic Theatre, Newcastle Under Lyme having done Erics Italian Job in the summer

Another great comedy written by David Graham, with music from the 60s, 70s and 90s

As well as drumming, I also dressed up as a Gorilla!

It was a sell out everynight and next year David celebrates 25 years at The New Vic Theatre.

He will be doing 3 shows next year.

May 14th-18th- 1 week of concerts playing songs from all his shows over 2hrs

July-August- Erics Strictly Ballroom

Nov-Dec- Erics Full Monty

Erics Italian Job. New Vic Theatre, Newcastle Under lyme 

Scott will be drumming and performing in Erics Italian job at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle Under Lyme.

Showing: Monday 21 August–Saturday 2 September 2023

David Graham Productions


Eric, having finally got a booking for his disco in Leighton Buzzard, witnesses the Great Train Robbery when his van breaks down as he’s starting for home.

Scotland Yard get a tip-off that the two train robbers who escaped capture are planning a bank job in Turin and take Eric with them to identify the two men.

With an inept police officer and Eric in pursuit of the criminals just about everything that’s possible to go wrong does so.

Real-life Minis racing up and down steps, a bus hanging off the edge of a mountain, incredible Alpine scenery – none of this is in the production but the show is packed full of great 60s hits and a lot of laughs which, let’s face it, is a fair swap!


The Brits 2023 

On February 11th 2023, The Pocket Gods went to the Brits.

The band were guests of NUB at the awards ceremony which started at 4.30pm!

This included a pre-show meal with entertainment, before taking our seats at The O2 for the ceremony, which was shown live on ITV. Then the aftershow party, which did get messy.

End of 2022 to January 2023 

So much has happened  since my last post. Obviously I seem to update Facebook and other social media more than my poor website.

The Pocket Gods have been very busy finishing off with a Christmas show at The Horn in St Albans. But we now have 12 Guiness book records and our last album, 1000x30 has had more than 1m hits.

The 30 second campaign for fairer royalties for musicians really is grabbing headlines.

I have also done and continue to do dep gigs with The Midnight Rebel Band , Beaky Band and From the Ashes as well as teaching term times in schools, at my studio and for The Bucks Rock Project.

I am also in rehearsals with the very talented Frances Rodinio (Cayio) with a new acoustic folk sound with great friend Allan Burls on bass, so look out for new music coming soon.

Round up of September and early October 

September and October saw me filling in for 5 gigs with the Beaky Band. Tony Carpenter, who Beaky in Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick & Tick, fronts the normally 3 piece band.

This included a trip to play in Eastbourne at the Marina Club house. This was a charity gig for Wet Wheels charity.

At the end of the month, I will be playing with David Graham, (whose band includes good friend Alan Howell) in Bristol

This is a 70s shows and all to click and tracks.

Buckets For Bongos has gone from strength ti strength. 4 Showcases and 5 care home shows took place early October with another 5 late October and 3 in November.

This really works for Dementia patients, taking them back to happier times through music and with them playing and singing along.


From The Ashes 

Samsway presents, From The Ashes at the Launton Arms, Launton nr Bicester, on Saturday 20th August 2022.

This is part of the Launton Arms family Funday. 

There will be activities, food and drinks all day long, with From The Ashes playing from 7pm.

I will be on drum duty with the band, so come and say hello and enjoy a night of rock music. Not to be missed!


Drumathon 2022 

I was fortunate to be asked to play for Drumathon 2022. I played for 3 hours and on the video page, is a very edited video of those 3hrs. It was rather rushed from my point of view. I was on holiday when I was asked to take part and on my return, had 2 days to sort everything out. I had already sorted out my set for 3hrs of playing, but had never really played for 3hrs solid for a long time. Searchers shows were 2hrs. I managed to download software to remove drums and the set list was complete. Sadly, I forgot to add click tracks to the songs. School boy error. It also appears for the first 2hrs, my right hand cymbal, the lead had come out. Also, my home made ekit snare was playing up. This has now been replaced by a pro made Jobeky snare drum. I'd like to thank Drumathon for asking me, I will be more prepared for 2023. Thank you to Jobeky (who sent me loads of equipment), Liberty drums, Code drum heads and Pellwood drum sticks. 1st set was Searchers songs, 2nd set my fav songs of Queen and from We Will Rock You, 3rd set more Queen, songs I've played on (Powder Monkeys, The Pocket Gods) then more fav songs I enjoy playing. 

Major update of last 6 months 

Really sorry, no updates since January! Thats poor.

Since then, The Pocket Gods have released another album and received another Guinees World record certificate for most downloadable albums, 75!

We also have a new album coming out soon and are currently doing a NUBTV and Amazon Prime show.

I was the drummer in Rugby Theatres production of A Slice Of Saturday Night. Set in the 60s the funny story tells of a bunch of young adults who frequent a night club with live entertainment, like the Cavern. I was on stage for the whole show, with the talented band starting 10 minutes before the official start and 15 mins during the interval. It was a very talented cast and I was so proud to be involved. 

For the musical, I used my Liberty kit but with Jobeky triggers and mesh heads, which then went into the Roland module. I had a few issues with my home made snare and after speaking to Jobeky to sort out the issue, they very kindly sent me a Jobeky snare drum. Thank you!!!

There have been loads of dep gigs with Miracle cure, From The Ashes, Uproar, Funk City Band and Now I'm Here (Queen Tribute) as well as trips tp the O2 to see the pet Shop Boys and Queen + Adam lambert.



A few weeks ago, Scott recorded footage of him playing drums at a Searchers show on 2 GoPros.

Over the next 2 weeks, Scott will edit the footage and publish videos of the show.




On August 14th, The Pocket Gods had their album launch for their new album, Jesus and the Mary chain.

On the night, The Pocket Gods played for an hour, then had guest appearances from Owen Paul and John Altman.

The album has received great reviews from music press/newspapers and is HMV's album of the week. 




The Searchers returned to work on July 21st. 1 day after Scott returned from his honeymoon.

Everyone looked fresh and relaxed after 3.5 weeks off. Probably the longest break in The Searchers history




On July 7th 2017, Scott & Sam finally got married. The ceremony took place at Saint James The Great Church in Bierton and then a small breakfast meal at Hulcott.

The happy couple then flew off for 4 days in Las Vegas, then 7 days relaxing in Barbados.


They would like to thank everyone for the well wishes, cards and gifts.




Scott popped into Liberty HQ on his way to Whitley Bay.
On this occasion Scott picked up an 18x8 Slim kick, 13x4 snare, 18" fast gong as well as a nice bacon roll and cuppa made by Andrew!


The Searchers started their Spring tour on March 18th, just 4 days after returning from Australia.
The tour will run until end of June and dates can be found on this site or at The Searchers website


On January 29th 2017, The Searchers once again left the UK for another Australian tour.
This time they were tackling 31 shows over 6 weeks, with a few 6-7hr drives and some very early morning starts.
The tour was a complete success, with many of the theatre shows sold out.
The tour manager worked out that they had completed:
12,717KMS (7948.13 miles) driven around Australia in 156hrs.
22,863 miles flown.
4863 miles flown around Australia in 57.5hrs!
The Searchers arrived home on March 14th 2017


On 28th January 2017, Scott went to Blackfrog studios in Swindon for a 'Drummers studio day' ran by drummer Robert Brian.
The whole day is designed to show you how to tune, mic and record drums in any studio environment.
The day is split in 2 with the morning focusing on mic placement, tuning and different kit set ups and then after lunch, you get to play along to several tracks, with the producer throwing different ideas at you.
It really is a must for all drummers looking to record drums for solo artists.
more info can be found at


On December 18th, the last Searchers solo show before Christmas, took place at Hull city hall.
This was the 29th consecutive Christmas show in Hull.
Tickets are already on sale for next years 30th anniversary show and selling fast.
The band are now on a welcomed break until December 27th.
Scott would like to wish everyone, a very Merry Christmas!


Scott has recorded a quick video of his equipment.
There is also some footage of him playing with The Searchers


Scott has recorded a few shows for the NUB TV show which airs every Sunday night at 10pm on Sky 212.
On Thursday 8th December, Scott recorded the Christmas day show.
The guests were Mike Berry and Lee E John.

On set for the Christmas day NUB TV show


Scott with his new Liberty Drums


Scott is proud to have joined the Liberty drums family.
Andrew Street has been building hand made quality drums for 10 years and it was Dave Carrera who introduced Andrew to Scott a few years ago.
A few of Scotts drummer friends have been using Liberty drums for a few years and Scott loved the sound of Ian Bees liberty kit
In October on route to Gateshead, Scott popped into the Liberty drums factory and was impressed with both the team and quality of their drums.
Scott took delivery of his 'Searchers' kit on November 23rd and his 'studio' kit a week later.
Both kits are in black sparkle with gold hardware.
The sizes are:
The Searchers: 12x8 16x14 22x17 14x6.5 snr
Studio kit: 8x6.5 10x7 12x8 14x14 20x16 14x5.5 snr
Scott also has a 13" piccolo snare and a 16" kick coming for the NUB tv show

Andrew Street, welcoming Scott to the Liberty family



Scott is proud to announce that he now endorses Vector pedal, from Percussion Kinetics,
These pedals will revolutionise the industry. The pedal is fully adjustable so your foot is always on the footboard and no need to twist your ankle and hips
"As soon asI tried one, I realised how easier it was to play. My foot stayed on the footboard, giving me more power"

On 3rd November 2016, The Searchers leave the UK to play on ROCK THE BOAT, Australia!
The ship (Legend of the Seas) leaves Brisbane and sails for 7 days going to The Isle of pines, and Lifou, 
Also on the bill is, Chubby Checker, Gary Puckett, The Troggs, PJ Proby, Badfinger and The Fortunes.
All the bands had a night off in Brisbane before setting sail.
The Fortunes, The Pacemakers, Most of The Searchers all went out to an Irish bar for a few drinks....

3 Drummers and a bird. Sophie joins Glenn (Fortunes), Nick (Pacemakers) and Scott for a photo

On Monday 17th October, The pocket Gods played an 'acoustic' set at Ronan Furlongs album launch at The Alleycat, Denmark St, London.

The event was very well attended and Ronan is a great musician, who has a great voice. if you get a chance to check out his new album, please do!


On 30th September 2016, The Searchers with Gerry Marsden, The Fortunes, Chip Hawkes, Brian Poole and Gary Puckett, left Southampton on the Celebrity Eclipse, to rock the boat for 3 days.
Also onboard were The Merseybeats, The Fourmost, The Troggs, The Dakotas, 
The Eclipse really is a large ship at 122,000 tonne.
It left Southampton and arrived in Bruges on October 1st, then Cherbourg on October 2nd, before returning to Southampton on October 3rd at 5am!
Everyone on the cruise seemed to enjoy all the acts on the ship as well as the 24hrs of food!


On September 22nd 2016, The 60s Gold tour kicked off in Reading. Heading the bill is The Searchers. The other acts on are Gary Puckett, Chip Hawkes, Dave Munden and Brian Poole, PJ Proby and Wayne Fontana.
The Pacemakers are backing all the solo artists and the tour runs until November 1st


The 100x30 album, by The pocket Gods, has gone into the Guinness book of records for the most songs on an digital album.
The award was presented live to Mark and Noel on the London Live, morning programme on 8th September 2016.


On August 19th and 20th, The Searchers played 2 sold out shows in Haifa and Tel Aviv. It was the first time the band had played Israel since the 60s and Scotts first trip there.
The heat was the first thing that caught them out. You could not walk anywhere with out a bottle of water, but the country is so beautiful.
Hopefully the band will be re-booked and playing in Israel again very soon.


On 16th July 2016, Scott and Sam finally got round to having an Engagement party (1 year after getting engaged!)
Scott put together a band to play, which included some very talented friends/musicians.
On Keys and MD was Andrew Whedden, Vocals, Matt Shaw (winner of stars in their eyes, 2008) Tabitha Wild, Bass, Allan Burls, Guitars, Mark Wilkinson, Adz Winbolt and Scott on drums.
The set list was songs Scott and Sam liked from when they first dated in 1987! and some modern rock.
due to everyone being busy, most were reading score, but the sound was amazing, so much so, the owner of the venue was shocked to find they were not a 'real' band and tried to book them for a few dates.
Since then, all members have chatted and a few dates have been found for July 2017 and an agent has found a them some gigs!
Venues will be announced soon

Scott has always used Hardcase drum cases to look after his drums and hardware.
As you can imagine, they take a lot of battering touring with the amount of shows The Searchers do.
Scott is proud to announce that Hardcase will continue to protect all his drums for a long time to come
On 18th April 2016, Scott took delivery of his new cases from Hardcase.
Scott would like to thank David and Helen at Hardcase for their continued support and hard work.
You can see their full range of products and colours, here


Scott, as well as a few other of their artists, have been asked by Istanbul Mehmet to do a monthly blog.
To date, Scott has done 2 blogs and these can be found at


On 17th March 2016, Scott returned to Pocket Gods duty with a show at the Underbelly, Hoxton.
The band played for 40 minutes and included a lot of 30 second songs from their 100x30 album.

The show was well attended and the band are now recording their follow up album, 101x30 second songs about......Shakespeare!


On March 8th 2016, The Searchers returned to the UK after a 5 week, 27 show tour. The tour was another Success, with nearly all the shows being sold out.
This included the 950 seater Melbourne Crown Casino, 1,100 seater at Toowamba and the 1007 seater at The Twin Towns resort.


  • As I write this, we are into the last week of our Australian tour.
    I love Australia and its great playing to packed out venues on the opposite side of the World and in the sun!
    This years tour has been very hectic. 27 shows over 5 weeks.
    Most days it has been early starts (5am) to either drive 5-6 hours to the next venue, or catching 2 flights to the next town, getting in after the show at 10.40pm, bed and start again.
    But Australia is a very big country and if thats what we have to do to play in large theatres, then thats what we will do.


    On January 9th, 2016, The Searchers returned to touring after 18 days off over the Christmas period.
    The Beck was the venue and it was great to be back out playing the hits again.
    At sound check, Dave Carrera turned up to see how his kit was doing. I hope he was impressed.


    On Tuesday 1st December 2015, The Pocket Gods returned to The Alleycat, Denmark Street, London, for their album 100x30, launch night.
     The night was well attended by the public, musicians and the music press.
    Since the album launch, Paddy Power has made it 80-1 to be the Christmas no1 album

    You can buy it now, on iTunes

    On the night, Mungo Jerry got up to jam his hit 'Summertime' and we played 3 songs with Owen Paul 

    Jamming with Mungo Jerry


    I would like to say a big thank you to Pellwood drum sticks for producing an amazing signature drum stick. I have tried these sticks for 1 month and given my approval for them.
    They have my signature and The Searchers logo printed on them.

    I put several pictures of the sticks at the time on Twitter and Facebook and I have received a load of messages asking if people can buy them.

    Well now I am proud to say you can!
    If you go to the new Merchandise page, you can purchase these sticks for £10!


    On the 21st November, we played at the Messe arena in Erfurt, Germany
    8,000 people attended and watched great performances from The Searchers, The Drifters and Suzi Quatro, as well as several German bands.
    We managed to pack as many hits as we could into 40 minutes and it was an amazing experience hearing 8,000 people singing back at you.


    It was a great single launch at the Alleycat on Denmark st. Thanks to everyone who came along and the positive feedback.
    The event was attended by a lot of people high up in the industry and got a very good write up in a few national papers.
    Mark (singer/song writer) has already pencilled in another live show in early December. 
    Updates when I get them.

    The Pocket Gods


    The Meatloaf tribute with singer Matt Shaw, who won stars in their eyes in 2008, (And Scott on drums) had their 2nd rehearsal on Sunday 16th August. Because all the musicians involved are on top of their game, they don't need constant rehearsals.
    There is 1 more planned for October and then the band will be set loose for several shows in December and into 2016!
    Stay tuned


    Scott will be playing drums for The Pocket Gods, who he played drums for in 2006, at their single launch on September 17th 2015 at The Alleycat 4 Denmark Street, London
    Free entry! so come on down


    On the 4th August, several of the countries top session drummers/teachers, including Scott, went out into London for drinks.
    A great evening was had and the World of music and politics was put to rights

    L to R: Dave Carrera, Scott Ottaway, Nick Bradshaw, Colin Woolway, John Park, Danny Colbran, Tony Bourke and Phill Drew


    The Searchers returned to work on July 11th for 5 shows in July. 
    The first shows back are always entertaining with everyone trying to remember the arrangements


    With the Spring tour nearly over, the Searchers have 13 days from June 21st till July 4th and Scott will be jetting off to Turkey for a well earned rest!

    (It was during this holiday in Turkey, that Scott asked his girlfriend Sam, if she would marry him! Luckily she said yes!)


    Scott was asked by CODE drum skins to do a meet & greet at the Manchester drum show in May.
    It is the shows 2nd year and Scott helped Bill Sanders last year at the event, so was honoured to be asked back by CODE.
    Pellwood drum sticks also had a stand.

    CODE also endorse Embrace drummer, Mike Heaton who also appeared on the stand and Scott & Mike chatted drums for hours.

    (Statement from Scott)

    It is with much sadness, that I have to report that Carrera drums are no longer trading.
    This is because of Daves health.
    I am proud to say that over the last few years, I have become great friends with Dave Carrera and fully understand and support his decision. Your health has to come first.
    Dave leaves the drum building industry on a high note after his snare drums received a 5 star review from Rhythm Magazine and the same snare drums came 4th in a Rhythm magazine poll of the "20 top snare drums in the World right now"
    I know the decision by Dave and his family was a hard one and turn over for their shells and handmade drums had increased by 10% month after month.
    As for me, I have 2 (soon to be 3) amazing sounding Carrera kits and 5 Carrera snare drums, which I will continue with pride to play.
    Carrera closed their doors early April 2015 and I was lucky enough to claim the last shells made by Carrera.
    100% American cherry. sizes 8,10,12,14,16,22 & 14 snare.
    I have tracked down gold hardware and will be taking my time building these drums my self


    I am proud to announce that I am now a Porter & Davies artist.
    Their drum thrones are amazing and after trying out my good friend, Jerome Marcus's stool, I had to get one.
    The stool lets you feel the bass drum and bass player and I feel has helped me transform my drumming. I'm playing quieter and not fighting to hear the bass drum.
    It really is like having a metronome in your body.

    SPRING TOUR 2015

    After a few shows for Butlins and Warners, we kicked off our Spring tour in mid March and it carries on until June 20th.
    If you are coming to our shows, let me know and keep in contact with me through Facebook on my Scott Ottaway Fan Page, which is updated more than this site...sorry!

    Australia Tour 2015

    We returned from Australia on March 12th, After arriving out there late January.
    I always love touring Australia and this years tour was no different.
    We only had 1 show in the Sydney area, which meant we got to travel and see a lot more of Australia, even avoiding a force 5 hurricane.
    I'd like to thank all our Australian fans for another great tour and we shall see you all again in 2016


    Its January 2015!
    I have no idea where the time is going, but on February 26th, I will have been a Searcher for 5 years!
    I trust everyone had a great Christmas and I would like to wish everyone a happy 2015
    We had a very rare new Years Eve off, so my girlfriend Sam and myself went to London to watch the fireworks. Its was a very long day, but thoroughly enjoyable and if we get another NYE off, I'll go again.


    What an amazing year 2014 has been. I was welcomed into the Istanbul Mehmet, Carrera drums, Pellwood sticks and CODE skins families.
    Got to play Las Vegas and the London Palladium as well as playing to loads of fans in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

    I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a wonderful New Years Eve.

    New 100% American Cherry Carrera kit

    On the 60s Gold tour, we used my birch/mahogany Carrera custom kit, now the tour has finished I have decided to use my new 100% American cherry.
    I can not describe how this kit sounds. Its so warm but yet loud and with CODE single ply coated skins on the bottom and double ply coated on the top, these drums sound amazing.
    I have decided to carry on using my 24 inch birch/mahogany bass drum with the cherry toms and snare.

    I used the kit for 2 shows in Clitheroe and Evesham and instantly loved it, but I was not too happy with the rims on the hanging tom. After using a Carrera kit at the Footes best of British which had the 'old' style tom holders on the actual shell, I called Dave at Carrera and asked could mine be modified.
    The handy thing with Carrera drums being in Uxbridge is, I can pop along and have things modified in the morning.
    Mike at Carrera set about drilling the shells and installing the tom bracket and on the next show I was one happy drummer.

    New 100% American cherry. 16x16 floor, 12x9 tom and 14x6.5 snare

    Back at Carrera to have holes drilled and brackets fitted

    All done

    Best Of British Day At Footes

    On December 6th I was involved in the Footes 2nd Best of British day at their store in London. 
    I was there representing Carrera drums.
    It was a huge success and hopefully a few more days will be planned for 2015

    John Semark, the corporate Prostitute!

    60s Gold Tour 2014

    The 60s Gold tour ended in Birmingham on December 2nd and what a tour!
    We ended up with more people at the end, than who started.

    Gerry, due to ill health was a non starter, with Spencer Davis standing in.
    Halfway through the tour we sadly lost Brian Poole, who had a few days in hospital and a life threatening operation, and has since made a full recovery. Then with 4 shows left, Chip Hawkes was hit by the 'tour' chest infection and had to pull out.
    He was replaced by The Merseys for 2 shows and then Steve Ellis and Vanity Fare, for the last 2 shows.
    My highlight was playing at the Palladium. A venue I have always wanted to play (and the Royal Albert Hall) I had several good friends and Dave Carrera at the show.
    The next highlight was playing The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury. My home town show and as you can guess, I had a lot of friends and family in that night.

    Dave Carrera makes sure my/his kit is being looked after

    The Searchers Live In Australia, New Live Album

    Our new live album, Live in Australia, is finally available to buy at our live shows.
    It was recorded over several nights on our 2014 Australian tour, then mastered by Spencer in his studio.

    New promo pics
    (The band pics are in low res to stop reproduction on other sites)


    The 60s Gold tour kicked off on September 30th and sadly due to ill health Gerry has had to withdraw from the tour. The revised line up is:
    The Searchers
    The Pacemakers
    Spencer Davis
    The Fortunes
    PJ Proby
    Chip Hawkes and Brian Poole
    with comedian Ally Bally 

    The kit this year has been supplied by Carrera drums and cymbals by Istanbul Mehmet
    The tour lasts for 42 dates including a show at the London Palladium


    After a lot of 'will they, won't they', The Searchers are going to play at the Suncoast Casino, Las Vegas on September 7th and 8th 2014.
    The Visa process took a long time to complete and included a visit to the US embassy in London, but was finally granted, meaning the trip will go ahead as planned.


    Because of my new associations with Carrera drums, Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, Pellwood drum sticks and JP Drum Products, a new bass drum skin was needed.
    I had 2 designs made. 1 for my Searchers kit, the 2nd for my session kit


    It will come as no surprise that I am proud to announce that I am a Carrera Drum Ambassador.
    I first met Dave at Hobble on the Cobbles in 2013. Carrera supply the drums to the festival and although I used my DW Collectors, I had heard the sound of his vintage series.
    That week I bought my first snare drum from Dave.
    Since then I have bought 3 snare drums from Carrera and in May 2014 I took delivery of my first Carrera Custom kit.
    Since then I have also taken delivery of a Custom Cherry kit.
    These drums are the best drums I have ever played. I know thats a bold statement, but they really are. Its the sound I have been looking for. These drums sound great tuned high, medium or low. The cherry kit has a very warm but projected sound and I can't wait to use it on sessions.


    In a very busy week, I am proud to announce that I use CODE drum skins, supplied by JP Drum Products.
    I was blown away with how durable these skins are and how easy they are to tune.
    I use the 2ply coated and they have really lifted the sound of all my drums


    I am proud to announce that I am a Pellwood drumsticks artist.
    I was introduced to Pellwood sticks at the Manchester drum show. I bought 4 sets and used them for the remaining shows we had before our 3 week holiday and also in New Zealand.
    I was very impressed with how much longer they lasted compared to my normal sticks.
    I use the B-Line 5B Classic series

    Elliott James Frisby/Calista sessions

    In January and June, I recorded percussion and drums on several songs written by Elliott James Frisby for his own album and an EP by Calista Kazuko. The
    Elliott recordings from June are still being mastered, but the Calista recordings are on her website and EP

    Bill Sanders

    I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bill Sanders through Frank and on May 13th 2014, Bill came round to my house to present me with a Bill Sanders practice pads on a stand.
    I use a BS 10inch pad to practice on before a show and it fits perfectly in my suit bag for when we go abroad. This pad now means I can sit in front of the tv and practice. Perfect!
    Check out Bill's other products here

    In April, I helped Bill out on his stand at the first ever Manchester Drum Show. It was a great event and hopefully will continue next year

    Pic1. Bill round my house on his practice pad
    Pic2. Colin Woolway playing on a Bill Sanders practice kit at the Manchester Drum Show

    I've built a snare drum
      I have always wanted to build my own metal snare drum and when I returned from Australia, I finally did it.
    The shell was made by a friend while I was in Oz and the hardware was from DW, but I had to mark out where the holes needed drilling and hope I got it right
    The shell was black so I decided to have white hardware. The band nick named it 'dalek'
    I did use it on a few shows in late March/early April until the snare strainer fell apart and it was quickly replaced by my DW snare drum by a fast acting John Semark. It got a lot of positive comments when I used it from drummers in the audience. 1 was convinced I was using a Ludwig Black Beauty, the drum all drummers used in the 60s
    The strainer has been replaced and the drum was used recently for a studio session, so it may get used again on tour
    Carrera Drums

    A few weeks ago, I took delivery of another Carrera snare drum. This 1 being a 'Terrier' model, which is shallower and gives a more military style sound.
    I used this snare drum and my Carrera custom drum kit on a recent studio session and the drums sounded amazing. The producer and song writer both loved the natural sound of the kit, complemented with my Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, made their jobs a lot easier.
    I have decided to use the Carrera kit for a few Searchers shows coming up (Eastleigh & Wavendon) to see what it sounds like 'live'
    The drums are shallower than standard size drums or 'fast' as they are called in the industry and I think Phil will love the sound they make

    We Will Rock You
    Sadly We Will Rock You, the smash hit musical from Queen, ended its 12 year run at the Dominion theatre, London on May 31st 2014. 
    For the last show, Brian May and Roger Taylor performed several songs with the cast for both the afternoon and evening shows.
    I was in Germany, but several days before, I gave my limited edition DW Queen snare drum to WWRY drummer and good Friend Tony Bourke and on the final show Tony was able to get both Roger and Brian to sign it for me. 
    Roger was using the exact same snare drum and passed on a few tips to make it sound like his snare drum, but mine will never get used.
    I picked up the limited edition DW Icon snare drum up from Drumwright in Reading on route to our show in Croydon and had to be persuaded by everyone I know to buy it, who along with Chris Wright, (in pic) managed to get the drum to me asap. I ordered it in February. I have number 24 of only 250 made
    Hi Everyone,
    I trust you are all well and you have had a good Easter.
    It has been such a busy year so far and we're only in April. Of course The Searchers toured Australia end of January to March 11th and 30 shows over 42 days is a lot of shows, with a few 6hr drives involved. But Australia is a country I love, so its not seen as hard work.
    It still amazes me that we can travel halfway round the World and pack theatres out.
    Since our return to the UK we have completed 22 shows and even traveled to Denmark. As i write. we are at the end of 9 day holiday and about to do 20 shows in May and 16 in June before another 3 week holiday
    In July we travel to New Zealand for 10 shows and in September to December, the 60s Gold tour part 2 will be touring the UK, with us, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Fortunes, PJ Proby, Chip Hawkes and Brian Poole. The tour also plays in my home town, Aylesbury. Cant wait.
    As you may be aware, We Will Rock You ends on May 31st and due to a busy May for me, my association with the show has come to an end. being a Queen fan, I love the show and I have made great friends with some of the musicians involved. Both Tony Bourke (Drummer) and Neil Murray (Bassist) have been on the show since day 1
    I am also proud to announce that I am now an Istanbul Mehmet Artist. I have been using Istanbul Mehmet cymbals for over a year now. When it comes to cymbal sounds, I am very demanding and there was a certain ride sound I wanted, which I found when I played a set of Istanbul Mehmets in Europe last year. I then bought the exact ride cymbal as well as 15inch hihats and a 16inch crash.
    I took delivery of a new set of Istanbul Mehmet cymbals (Traditional, Radiant and Sultan series) in early April when I visited the Istanbul Mehmet UK HQ. You can find out more about that here.
    I have also been booked for a few sessions later this year with my good friend and producer Elliott Frisby as well as joining up with Francis Rodino in July, who I played drums for last year at the 229 club in London. I will be using my Istanbul Mehmets on those sessions.
    Earlier this year, I recorded some percussion parts for some of the songs Elliott was working on and these should be available soon to hear and a few live sessions will be recorded early June time
    In between all that, I also found time to make my own snare drum. It is something I have always wanted to do. the metal shell was made by a good friend, but everything else was done by me. I used it on a couple of shows and everyone was amazed at the sound. It had to be replaced by my spare snare drum during one of the shows recently when the snare lever got jammed, but that has now been repaired, so it may get used again soon.

    Hope you've all enjoyed reading my newsletter and hope to see you all at the concerts soon.

    Take Care.

    Elliott Frisby Session

    Scott will be teaming up with his good friend Elliott Frisby to record percussion parts for a few songs Elliott has written for a new up and coming female artist
    More info when we get it

    2 Weeks Off

    Its almost unheard of in Searcherworld, but the band have 2 weeks off, till their next shows are on 17th January at Pocklington, followed by 2 shows at Butlins, Minehead on 25th and then they leaving the Country for Australia on the 28th!

    2nd Caiyo video

    Make Believe recorded at the 229 Venue on September 19th 2013, has just been released by Caiyo and can be found on the video page

    Happy New Year!

    I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and may 2014 be an amazing year for you.Thank you very much for your continued support both to myself and The searchers. Hopefully see you at a show soon

    Caiyo Video

    Francis Rodino has just released one song recorded at the 229 Venue on the 19th September 2013. The whole show was recorded with 5 cameras and the first, a new song called Ghost Town, can be found in the video section

    Dates updated

    We have updated the Searchers dates on this site, but we still need to update the calendar section
    As you can see from the Searchers dates, nect year is another extremely busy year with another tour of Australia in February, early March, then a UK tour, followed by shows in Thailand and new Zealand late July into August

    60s Gold Tour 2013

    On September 25th 2013, the 60s Gold tour kicked off in Cardiff to a sold out show. The tour lasts for 41 shows and runs till November 29th ending in Manchester. On the show are the Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, P.J Proby, the Fortunes, Chip Hawkes and Brian Poole


    On 19th September, Scott played drums for singer song writter, Francis Rodino. It was a one off show while Francis, who when playing with a full band goes under the name of Caiyo, was in the UK. Several of Scott's friends play in Francis's band and Scott was asked to fill the drum throne.
    The event was recorded and hopefully footage be available soon

    Carrera Drums

    On the 28th August 2013, Scott was invited by Dave Carrera from Carrera Drums to tour round the factory and see how their custom drums are made. Scott got chatting to Dave a few months ago and Carrera Drums supplied all the kits for Aylesbury's Hobble on the Cobbles festival. Scott took delivery of a Mahogany snare with a new "Pinstripe" in Oak. 14" x 6" with classic lugs 24 strand wires 2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoops oil and wax finished by hand.
    The snare sounds amazing and Scott was suitably impressed with their Factory in Uxbridge. More details about Carrera Drums can be found at

    Hobble on the Cobbles

    On Sunday 25th August 2013, The Searchers headlined Hobble on the Cobbles, in Aylesbury, Bucks, which is Scott's home town. Dispite the poor weather, 1000's turned out to watch The Searchers and while the band were on stage, just as it was in Denmark, the rain stayed away

    Footage can be seen here


    On 10th August 2013, The Searchers played the Holstebro Festival with Gerry and the Pacemakers and Shakin' Stevens
    The day stated off badly with KLM loosing Spencers synth in Amsterdam, where the band had to catch a flight to Billund airport, so songs dependent on strings had to be dropped. KLM also lost Steve, from the Pacemakers, left handed guitar, although the promoter was able to find a replacement
    The show its self was a great success with a very large crowd braving very wet weather. When the Searchers took to the stage, the rain held off, but it returned as Shkin' Steven's took to the stage
    The following day Spencers synth was returned at Billund airport, only to be lost for a second time at Amsterdam airport!
    Spencer and the synth were re-united at Morecambe the following week

    Francis Rodino

    Scott has been asked by Francis Rodino to join his band for a one off show on September 19th at thew 229 venue, London. The show will be recorded.
    Francis is a singer songwritter who has recorded several albums and after moving to Nashville, has established himself within the songwritting community. After doing solo shows with just his accoustic, Francis has decided to do a show in London and will showcase a few new songs he has written

    New Searchers album?

    The Searchers may be going back in the studio soon to record some new songs and record a few of the old hits with guest artists. More info as soon as we know more....

    New DW Collectors Maple touring kit

    In April, Scott took delivery of a new DW Collectors drum kit. It brings an end to a 13 year relationship with Pearl, but the DW kit has the sound which Scott has been searching for ages.
    "I was looking for a kit where I could use smaller drum sizes, but have a lot more punch and low end and these DW drums let me have just that. The 14x12 tom that I now use as a 'floor' tom, just punches through, but you can hear every note I play on it"
    Scott first used a DW on WWRY and while in New Zealand, Gerrys backing bands drummer used a DW Collectors, and Scott was hooked

    60s Gold Tour

    This years 60s Gold Tour kicks off on September 25th till November 29th
    The line up is: The Searchers, gerry and The Pacemakers, The Fortunes, P.J Proby, Chip Hawks and Brian Poole
    Tickets for most opf the venues are on sale now

    UK Tour

    On April11th, The Searchers kick off their UK tour, which will be coming to a town near you. All dates can be found on this site and

    New Zealand 2013

    The Searchers have 2 weeks in the UK, where they have 6 shows, then on March 24th, they fly out to New Zealand and meet up with Gerry Marsden on his fare well tour

    Australia 2013

    On March 11th, the searchers returned home after another succesful Australian tour.
    The weather was not what you would ecpect in Australia, with rain on most days, but better than the -3c which welcomed the boys on their return to Heathrow.
    most nights, they played to full houses and from the compliments sent to wendy, it sounds like everyone went home after the shows, very happy and booking again for next year

    Spencer James album released

    Spencer James latest solo album 'Hope for me yet' was released in December, with Scott on drums
    So far the album has received great reviews and seems to be selling well

    Spencer James new album latest

    The latest news on Spencers new solo album, is the art work is completed, the songs have been done and off to be mastered and looking at a mid December release
    For more info check out Spencer site here

    Where has the year gone?

    Well We are now in December and the time is flying. its been a very hectic year for scott with a few sessions, his home studio up and running and of course touring with The Searchers. Its none stop, as next year promises more of the same!

    Searchers Convention

    The searchers SAS convention was held in Nuneaton and lasted all day. It was a great success with almost £5000 raised for the local childrens hospital. Ex drummer John Blunt joined the band on stage and played on the 2 hits he played on in the 60s. Hve you ever loved someone and Tke it or leave it
    Hopefully the next convention wont be in 10 years time!

    Show Cancelled

    The Searchers have had to cancel their appearance at Vauxhall Holiday park on October 12th due to John needing a few days to recover after having a minor opperation and unlike the scare tactics used by a national radio station, John was not rushed into hospital. Since the op, John has fully recovered and is back to normal

    We Will Rock You

    In September and October Scott was invited to see We Will Rock You at the Dominion theatre, London. Scott is friends with the drummer, Tony Bourke, who has been in the show since it started in 2002 and was fortunate enough to be asked by Tony to sit in on him. The keyboard player is Spike Edney (Queen, Boomtown Rats) and the bassist is Neil Murray (Queen, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath)
    Scott was serenaded with Needles and Pins as he climbed the stairs to were the musicians are based

    Hearts In Their Eyes

    The 4-CD box set - “Hearts In Their Eyes” with the subtitle “Celebrating 50 Years of Harmony and Jangle” - was released by Universal Music back in July, It is a very handsome package, looking more like an elegant book than a CD box. It features 120 tracks, covering the whole of the Searchers’ career, solo releases by former members, some brief interviews, and includes a comprehensive and very impressive 64-page stitched in colour booklet. You can order it from Amazon. it is also available as an iTunes download but of course if you do that you won’t get the booklet etc. Although many of you will have some or even most of the tracks, it’s definitely worth having in its entirety.

    Spencer James new album

    Scott has finished recording drum tracks for Spencer James new studio album. Spencer is hoping to have the new album released early November

    Lack of updates

    Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but Scott has been busy with different projects, including the setting up of his recording studio

    Home recording

    Scott has nearly completed trial runs of his home studio. Using a Roland TD20 and Pro tools, Scott will soon be able to record drum parts for anyone who requires his style on their tracks and is hoping to lay some drum parts down for Spencer James new solo album

    Back on the road

    The Searchers were back on the road again on July 4th at Eastbourne Congress Theatre. There are a few dates in July, then a hectic schedule in August

    Summer Holidays

    On June 16th The Searchers officially finished their 50th Anniversary spring tour and are now officially on holiday!

    Scott has decided not to go away, but instead stay at home and work on finishing his home studio and get to grips with his new Roland TD20 kit
    Scott also has a joint 40th/60th Birthday bash with his Mother, where his old band Slyde will be playing. It is also hoped that Scott will get up and play the first 2 songs with Slyde

    Dreamcoats and Petticoats

    On June 14th Scott went once again to see his friend Alan Howell in the westend production of Dreamboats and Petticoats and hang out with the cast after the show

    UK 50th Anniversary Spring tour

    On March 9th 2012, The Searchers started their Spring UK tour which carries on until June and on March 14th, the band played at the Waterside theatre in Aylesbury, Scotts home town show
    The bands official holiday is from June 17th until July 3rd 2012

    New Album

    In September/October last year, The Searchers decided to record a studio album of the hits and album tracks with the current line up
    That CD, called Tracks of our years, is available to buy at all shows. We think you will really like the new studio versions

    Australian 50th Anniversary tour

    On January 24th, The Searchers left the UK for their annual trip to Australia. The band were there for 6 weeks and played to packed venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth as well as many others. Scott and Phil both went to the Olympic stadium in Sydney to watch 20/20 cricket match between Australia and India, with Australia winning
    The band returned the UK on March 6th and their first UK date was on.....March 9th!


On 17th March 2016, Scott returned to Pocket God action, playing at the Underbelly in Hoxton.
The band played for 40 minutes and played the majority of the 30 second songs from their 100x30 album.
The show was well attended and was even shown live on the net.
The band are now working on their follow up album, 100 30 second songs about....Shakespeare!


After a gruelling 2016 Australian tour, The Searchers returned to the UK on March 8th and back on stage doing 2 shows at Butlins 60s weekend in Skegness on 12th March.
The band now embark on their UK Spring tour, until July, when the band will have a welcomed 2 weeks off!



The Searchers started their Spring tour on March 18th, just 4 days after returning from Australia.
The tour will run until end of June and dates can be found on this site or at The Searchers website


On January 29th 2017, The Searchers once again left the UK for another Australian tour.
This time they were tackling 31 shows over 6 weeks, with a few 6-7hr drives and some very early morning starts.
The tour was a complete success, with many of the theatre shows sold out.
The tour manager worked out that they had completed:
12,717KMS (7948.13 miles) driven around Australia in 156hrs.
22,863 miles flown.
4863 miles flown around Australia in 57.5hrs!
The Searchers arrived home on March 14th 2017


On 28th January 2017, Scott went to Blackfrog studios in Swindon for a 'Drummers studio day' ran by drummer Robert Brian.
The whole day is designed to show you how to tune, mic and record drums in any studio environment.
The day is split in 2 with the morning focusing on mic placement, tuning and different kit set ups and then after lunch, you get to play along to several tracks, with the producer throwing different ideas at you.
It really is a must for all drummers looking to record drums for solo artists.
more info can be found at 


Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Scott and the band hope every body had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you have a great 2012!

Oceana Cruise

The Searchers survived the cruise across the Bay of Biscay on board the Oceana in force 11 winds. The band did 3 shows over 2 days to a packed theatre and Frank even celebrated his Birthday on board

P&O Oceana

On Sunday 11th December The Searchers will fly out to Portugal and meet up with the P&O ship, Oceana for a short cruise back to Southampton and through The Bay of Biscay!

The band will then have shows in Street, Liverpool and Hull before breaking up for the Christmas period

Christmas has come early

So it would seem in the Searchers camp with the band forking out for a brand new PA, monitors and van. The old PA was over 25 years old and although still working fine, it was decided that a new light weight and modern one was required and that in turn meant a smaller and newer van could also be aquired

60s Gold Tour

Well thats another succesful 60s Gold tour completed and thanks to everyone who came to the shows in the UK and we all hope you enjoyed them as much as we did
The 60s Gold will continue next year, but as its The Searchers 50th year, we will not be on the 2012 tour

Liqik Blu

On 26th November during a rare Saturday off, Scott depped for a covers band from Leicester called Liqik Blu for a private gig in Portsmouth
Scott was very proud to have played 2 sets with some very talented musicians and a great evening was had by all


Sadly due to health issues the Meatloaf show which Scott was to perform in has been cancelled.


On Saturday 8th October 2011, The Searchers played in Germany with Slade
Scott was re-united Slade guitarist Dave Hill who he worked with on the Mike Read charity single in 2009
Don Powell was also amused that Scott had to 'play' him in a tribute

Meat Loaf Tribute

Scott will be playing drums for a Meat Loaf tribute on December 17th in Congleton
Meat Loaf is another artist Scott really loves and can't wait to play the songs in this one off show
As soon as Scott knows more about the tickets, We'll post them here
Scott will then be able to add Meat Loaf to the list of tributes he has played drums in. The other artists being Queen, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Roxy Music and Slade

60s Gold Tour

Well with the 60s Gold tour rolling into October,, everything is going well with all the bands staying at the same hotel in Belfast and having a 'few' friendly drinks on Thursday night. The tour carries on till December 1st and dates/venues are on my diary page or on the Searchers website so please castch up on this great tour if you can with The Searchers, The Fortunes, Chip Hawks and Gerry and the Pacemakers
Also on this tour, Scotts 2nd drum kit (Pearl Masters in Midnight Fade) is being used by all the artists

Site on Facebook

You can also follow Scott on Facebook at
Scott Regularly updates with pictures and latest info

2 photo shoots

In August 2011 the Searchers completed 2 photoshoots and hopefully there will be enough decent pictures from those sessions for the new 50 Anniversary posters next year

Two kits on the road

In September Through to December 2011 Scott will have 2 Pearl Masters on the road
His normal blue kit will be in the Searchers tour van and his other purple kit will be in the 60s Gold tour van as it has been choosen as the kit all the drummers will be using on the 60s Gold tour
With The Searchers having a lot of solo shows during the 60s Gold schedule, it makes sence to tour 2 kits

Hello Again!

On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August 2011 The Searchers were re-united with Gerry Marsden and his Pacemakers in what was a forerunner to the up coming 60s Gold tour. The 2 bands will be re-united once more in the same venues at the end of August

Martha & The Merkins

On Sunday 7th August 2011 Scott played with a load of musicians/friends who call them selves Martha & the Merkins at a festival in Sheffield after just 3 hours of rehearsal in Ely the Wednesday before. The show was a great success and hopefully Scott will be involved with more shows


During the bands official holiday period while all the other members and road crew went abroad, Scott decided to move home and luckily it was all completed with no incidents, just in time to go back on the road!

50th Anniversary

Next year will be the Searchers 50th anniversay since the band changed its name from Johnny Sandon and the Searchers to just The Searchers
All this of course happened in 1962 when they turned pro after moving to Hamburg and playing at the Star Club, the rest as they say, is history
The band members then were John McNally, Mike Pender, Chris Curtis and Tony Jackson

60s Gold tour

As you may know, the 2nd leg of the very succesful 60s Gold kicks off in Darlington on September 24th 2011 and as well as The Searchers, Gerry & the Pacemakers and Chip Hawks, will also feature The Fortunes
They are replacing the great, but unpredictable PJ Proby
This looks like being another great show and dates can be found on my diary page or on the Searchers website

Falling equipment

During the Scottish leg of the 2011 UK tour, on May 15th, the lighting rid which sits behind me fell and knocked myself and half my drumkit off the drumriser during the 'Sugar and Spice' medley
After a few minutes rest and John quickly rebuilding the kit, we carried on as if nothing had happened! My main concern that day was that my beloved West Ham had just been relegated!!!


New Drum kit and Equipment

I am pleased to announce that I have taken delivery of a new Pearl Masters Premium Birch kit in Ocean Sparkle Blue
This new kit made its debut for the last few shows in June and my 12 year old Purple Pearl Masters will now be my studio kit and retired from 'touring'
This has also meant that a new bass drum logo drum head was needed. Tim at Custom drumheads has come up with a very stunning head with the bands Superman logo taken off the Searchers first album 'Meet The Searchers'

In late May, I took delivery of some new Sabian HH cymbals. Until then I had always used Sabian AA's as I felt they offered a better sound for what the band needed, but having tried out several different models in the Sabian range I ended up choosing a 21inch HH dry ride, 16 inch Virgile Donati quick crash, 18inch HH medium crash, 17inch AA china and 13inch HH hihats (not used with The Searchers) which sit nicely with my 17inch AA crash
This means that my 18inch AA medium thin crash which I brought in 1989, and which has toured the world with me, can also now be retired from touring

UK Tour 2011 comes to an end

The 2011 UK tour has now finished and was a huge success with most venues being either sold out or close to their capacity.
It was also great to play some of the album tracks which had been been 'dropped' over the years
My favourite of those was 'Somebody Told Me You Were Crying' which is a great track from the Hungry Hearts album and one I really enjoyed playing and judging by the crowds reactions after we'd played it, was also a fans favourite
Other songs I really enjoyed were Farmer John. I will not hide the fact I asked for that song to be in the set list as I really love playing it and the new 'Sorrows/Where have all the flowers gone' medley, which got its debut on this tour and also seems to have been a hit

Video Page

We have now added a 'video' page where you can see videos of Scott playing with The Searchers and old videos with Elliott Frisby and Mike Read

UK Tour 2011

 4 days after their tour of Australia ended, the Searchers are back on the road until early June so please check out the dates on the Searchers website and catch up with the band

Australian Tour 2011

On March 1st 2011 Scott returned to the cold UK with the rest of The Searchers after nearly 5 weeks in Australia
The cold was a bit of a shock after the 36c heat of Australia, but the tour went without a hitch and packed audiences and it looks like the band will be back out there in early 2012

February 26th 2011

Scott has been with The Searchers for 1 year and celebrates it with a show at Friends Restaurant in Perth, Australia

Christmas 2010

With only a few shows left in 2010 I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011
And with December 23rd marking 1 year since my audition with The Searchers, it really has been an amazing year and its looking like the next 12 months will be even more exciting
Once again a very big thank you to everyone who has contacted me either at the shows or through this site

The Golden Years 2010

On December 11th 2010, The Searchers as well as The Tremeloes, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Dozy Beaky Mitch and Titch, The Sweet, The Hollies, Smokie and Steve Harley and the cockney rebels all played to over 15,000 people in Antwerp, Belgium
The event was also broadcast live across Belgium on one of the national tv channels

UK TOUR 2011

The Searchers have announced a UK tour which starts on March 4th 2011 and runs until early June so no excuse to miss the best 60s band
The Searchers will also be touring Australia from January 28th till February 28th 2011

Latest (November 2010)

Well there are only a few dates left on the 60s Gold tour, which has been a blast and included some drunken nights with the Pacemakers!
There was a few days off at the beginning of November, but in typical searchers style, we went to Denmark on November 3rd leaving at 5am in the morning and returning on 6th at 9am, then going on to do 2 shows in St Albans and then 2 shows in Leeds on 7th!
Sleep was then booked for the whole of the 8th!!!

Sixties Gold Tour

The Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, P.J.Proby and Chip Hawkes will be touring round the UK on the Sixties Gold tour
The tour starts on 21st September and runs until 26th November 2010
For venue dates and details please check The Searchers website

Finland & Germany

10th July, we played to a packed 60's forever concert at Porvoo, just outside Helsinki. It was Scotts 1st outside concert with The Searchers and less than a week later, 16th July he had his 2nd outside concert to over 2000 people just outside Cologne in Germany. Suzi Quatro was headling

Back on the road

The Searchers returned to work on May 19th, just, after John got stuck in Geneva when all planes were grounded again, due to the ash cloud.
We played to a packed out show in Fareham, then it was off to Sweden to work on a cruise ship, then back home to 2 more sold out shows in Alnwick and Ilkney and we even had time to throw 3 more 'new' songs into the set


The Searchers are taking a well earned holiday from April 26th till May 18th 2010

Thank You

Scott would like to say another big thank you to the fans who have contacted him through this website with their personal messages. While he can not reply to all of them, He did want to say the messages have not got lost and he has received them while on the road


As well as playing with The Searchers during March, Scott will also be playing with Slade and glam rock tribute, Slyde

Scott will be 'depping' for his old drum seat for gigs in Weymouth(20th) and Skegness (31st)

5 gigs in and all is well

Well 5 gigs in with The Searchers and all is going well. The 1st gig in Shrewsbury was fun, with only 1.5 hours to rehearse for the show, but all Scott's home work paid off

The following shows in Sinah Warren, Swansea, Skegness and Barking have got better and better as Scott has relaxed in to the role and a very big thank you must go out to the fans who have helped!

The Searchers

Scott can now officially announce that he has joined the legendary 60's group, The Searchers

His first gig will be in Shrewsbury on February 26th

Scott was put forward by Mike Read, who is a very good friend of the Searchers and was honoured to be asked to replace Eddie Rothe, who is leaving to spend time with his fiancee, Jane McDonald

Scott would also like to wish Eddie and Jane all the best for the future and would like to add a very big thank you to some of the fans who have already contacted him, through this site, and he can't wait to meet you all!

Charity gig

Scott will be making an appearance at Dirty South, Lewisham, London on Saturday 6th Feb for a 60's themed charity gig.
The band have not met, except for Scott's great friend Allan Burls who is on bass, and will probably not have a rehearsal due to everyone's commitments, but it should be a great night

On vocals will be the sexy Jennie Delaney, Guitar Kirt Little, Bass Allan Burls and Scott on drums

The main act are a Beatles tribute so come on down!


Scott has some very interesting news for 2010, but sadly he can not announce it just yet, but it will keep him very busy for the coming year. As soon as he is allowed to say who its with, you will hear it here 1st


Scott has just completed a whole week of radio and t.v interviews promoting 'My Christmas Card to You' which included BBC breakfast news, 'New and unsigned' on 3 counties radio and several 'Early morning' interviews on breakfast shows around the UK

Scott has just finished filming the video to 'My Christmas Card To You' a Christmas single written by Roy Wood, Mike Reid and Elliott Frisby with all proceeds going to the Shooting Stars Children's Hospice charity

The single is released on December 7th and available for download on December 6th and features several ex Radio 1 dj's on vocals

Scott plays drums and percussion

The video features Slade's Dave Hill, Mike Reid, Dave Hamilton, Elliott Frisby, Guy Horner and Scott Ottaway

For more info please goto