Drumathon 2022

I was fortunate to be asked to play for Drumathon 2022. I played for 3 hours and on the video page, is a very edited video of those 3hrs. It was rather rushed from my point of view. I was on holiday when I was asked to take part and on my return, had 2 days to sort everything out. I had already sorted out my set for 3hrs of playing, but had never really played for 3hrs solid for a long time. Searchers shows were 2hrs. I managed to download software to remove drums and the set list was complete. Sadly, I forgot to add click tracks to the songs. School boy error. It also appears for the first 2hrs, my right hand cymbal, the lead had come out. Also, my home made ekit snare was playing up. This has now been replaced by a pro made Jobeky snare drum. I'd like to thank Drumathon for asking me, I will be more prepared for 2023. Thank you to Jobeky (who sent me loads of equipment), Liberty drums, Code drum heads and Pellwood drum sticks. 1st set was Searchers songs, 2nd set my fav songs of Queen and from We Will Rock You, 3rd set more Queen, songs I've played on (Powder Monkeys, The Pocket Gods) then more fav songs I enjoy playing. 

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