60s Gold Tour 2017

On  September 30th 2017, the 60s Gold tour kicked off in Weymouth.

This tour has been billed as Gerry Marsden's final tour, although he has a few shows in early 2018 which are shows that got rescheduled from June/July this year.

Also on the bill are Vanity Fair, The Pacemakers, Brian Poole, Chip Hawkes, Dave Munden & Steve Ellis.

Because of John McNally being off ill, we have recruited the services of Pacemakers guitarist, Steve Thompson.

Steve will stand in for John for as long as possible.

The latest on Johns health is he has fully recovered, but is waiting clearance from his doctors & wife Mary, before he can return.

The playing is not so much the issue, its the travelling long distances up & down the country!

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