He's changed his set up again

On December 7th, The Searchers were back on the road with their solo shows.

For the last 3 years, I have used a '60s' style 1 hanging tom, 1 floor tom. This is the set up the band used in the 60s and although not my preferred set up, I did adopt it. For the 1st 2 years I used a 12' tom, before moving to a 13' tom.

But, with 4 months of Searchers tours left, I decided to go back to my natural set up.

So on 7th December, I went back to 2 hanging toms. This time I used a 12' & 13" toms.

This set up lasted 2 shows, before I reverted back to 10" & 12". I felt the 12 & 13 toms, being the same depth, sounded too similar in sound.

This set up will remain in place for the remaining shows, although in mid January I will be getting some bigger depth concert toms from Liberty drums!

At Wimbourne with the 12x7 & 13x7 toms

At Cricket St Thomas, with the 10x6 & 12x7 toms

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