Drum room/studio/teaching room

For ages I have wanted a drum room/studio.

In November I finally bought a 'shed' with the intention of soundproofing and turning it in to a studio.

Shortly after delivery. I fractured my wrist, so it has been a very slow process.

by the time I fractured it, I had done the internal electrics and put the soundproofing in, but could not lift the plasterboards.

My good friend/builder/drummer Danny Colbran, kindly came round of Jan 4th and put the plasterboards up for me.

I was then able to plaster the joins and sand everything down.

On Jan 12th, the electrician came round and connected the electrics to the house and wired up the plugs, lights and security devices and I was able to get on with painting the walls.

It does look good inside with just the flooring to do, which I will get done next week (22,23,24) then move all my studio equipment and drums in.

For the shorter, it will be just electronic kit and a Bill Sanders practice kit for teaching and later this year the plan is for Danny to brick over the shed, turning it into a room in a room and hopefully soundproof enough for an acoustic drum kit.

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